Baby Silicone Bowl Set

Several scenarios occur when you let your kid have their meal, like spilling of food on the clothes, tripping the bowl directly on the floor and spilling the food, creating a food mess with the fingers, etc.

This is why parents usually refrain from allowing the toddlers to have their food.

However, the parents are not allowing their kids to become more confident and do their job. But if you are being cautious and trying a few ideas, you can save yourself from the messes.

One such method is using the silicone suction food bowls and tableware specifically designed for toddlers.

This particular product manifests a beautiful technology that will prevent your kid from spoiling the food or causing a mess with their fingers or the floor. 

Key features: 

NO MORE FOOD SPILL: Even if your kid mistakenly trips over the bowl, the food won't spill out on the floor after the tableware hits the hard surface.

This is because of the silicone material, which is exceptionally sturdy and prevents the food's spilling. 

SAFE FOR TODDLERS: At the time of buying any kind of tableware for your baby, you are always scared and concerned about your kid's safety.

On the one hand, when it is quite expected, on the other hand, there is no need to be scared if you are buying the correct bowl.

This is why this particular tableware product is made with the safest silicone that will produce no harm for your baby. 

HEAT & COLD RESISTANT:  These silicone bowls can be heated and refrigerated.

The silicone bowls won't allow the food's heat to spread along the walls. As a result, the tableware's outer surface will be cold compared to the temperature of the inner walk.

This will allow your toddler to touch the bowl without burning their soft and supple skin. 

EASY TO CLEAN TABLEWARE: The silicone molds are done with a clean finish, which imparts a nice, shiny, and smooth texture to the surface. This is why food won't stick to the walls even if you give something that contains fat molecules.

Also, because of the walls' smoothness, cleaning the bowls is extremely easy and can be done without much effort. 

AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS: Another major feature of buying this product is that you will get it in different colors. If your baby loves to play creatively, they will love having the meal in these colorful bowls.

Starting from yellow to light purple, there are more than ten different color options that you can choose from. 


Package includes

  • 1 x Food Feeding Bowls for Babies



  • Material: food grade silica gel FDA
  • Tasteless and non-toxic, environment-friendly, hygienic, safe and durable
  • High temperature and low temperature resistance: it can be normally used within the range of -40 ℃ to +250℃;


Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I serve hot soup in these silicone bowls? 

A: Yes, the silicone material is a bad conductor of heat, and hence you can serve soup. Also, the suction plate will stop the bowl from turning over and spilling the liquid everywhere.  

Q: How can I sterilize the silicone bowls? 

A: If you want to sterilize the bowls after washing them, use lukewarm water only for obliterating the germs.  

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