Crawling Knee Protector


If you place your baby on the floor with toys, rather than playing with those toys, he/she will simply crawl on the floor all around the house.

Even when it sounds quite an activity, crawling with naked knees on the floor can cause some serious damage to the soft skin of your baby.

With crawling on hard surfaces, the baby’s knee will scrap as they slip on the floor while crawling and bruise the skin.

This is why you need protection for the knees which will help you keep the skin safe and at the same time, will allow your kid to crawl around and discover his hiding spots.

For this, the perfect product will be this anti-slippery, soft knee sleeve, which has been designed in a way where a baby can crawl on any kind of floor without having to suffer from a bruised knee. 

Key features: 

SUPER COMFORTABLE: The material with which the sleeve is made is super soft. It’s almost similar to a cashmere sweater and hence, the fabric won’t cause damage to your baby’s skin.

Also, the fabric will allow the baby’s skin to breathe properly, thereby preventing any kind of skin allergies, red bruises, and so on.

ELASTIC BANDS TO KEEP THE SLEEVES IN PLACE: Both the lower and upper ends of the sleeves have elastic bands. These bands will keep the protective gear in place and hence, the sleeve won’t slip down, no matter how much your baby crawls during the entire day.

REUSABLE: One of the basic features of this knee sleeve is its reusability. You can wash it frequently as the cloth will get dirty too often due to crawling.

Once you are done with the wash, hang them from a drying rope and allow the water to dry up completely. This way you won’t have to throw away the sleeve every time they get dirty.

ANTI-SLIP GROOVES AROUND THE KNEECAP: Even though many knee sleeves are found in the market for babies, most of them don’t have any features for preventing the babies to slip on the floor. This, in reality, causes more damage than crawling with naked knees.

That’s why you need this product where there are circular rings of raised groves around the kneecap. These grooves will prevent the baby from slipping on the floor at the time of crawling.

STRETCHABLE AND FREE SIZE: The knee sleeve is stretchable, and hence it can fit around the knee snugly, without leaving room for accidents.




  • For who: babies of six months of age to twenty-four months
  • Material: soft fabric breathable pores; cotton


Package includes

  • 1 x Baby Knee Protecting Sleeve


Frequently asked questions 

Q: Can I make my baby wear this for the entire day? 

A: Yes, your baby can wear the sleeve for the entire day since the material of the sleeves is light, soft, and comfortable.  

Q: Will, my baby feel irritated and hot after wearing this knee sleeve? 

A: If you are worried about your baby's skin's mood, do not worry. This particular knee sleeve will not allow any rashes or skin irritations to develop on the skin.    

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