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Wrist locking cuff: Take your kid out today with no fear

Toddlers are always active and there curious that in mind never stops exploring, be it the clothes you have kept in your closet or the corners of the park where you usually take your child.

When parents bring their kids outside, the joy on their little faces is worth everything else, even the efforts you have to make to keep your child in place.

Surveys have shown that several parents are paranoid about taking their child to an ordinary Park, let alone a supermarket or a Mall. The reason behind the paranoia is the uncertainty that comes with the safety of a child.

Even when you are holding your child's hand tightly in a firm grip, there are high possibilities of getting separated from them in a crowded place. 

For this reason, we will present here one of the classic products specially designed for the betterment of your toddler security. It comes in the form of an extendable handcuff, which will allow you to restrain your child with yourself in the outdoors. 

Key features:

Thick metal tube: If you have seen the chain which is used to secure the paddle and wheel of a bicycle, you will understand that despite being thin, the rope is quite sturdy and robust.

In this anti-lost rope, the chain linking the two cuffs is made of the similar steel wire. So, no matter how strong your kid is pulling the chain, it won't come off or snip from the between.

Adjustable wrist cuffs: Neither yours nor your child's wrist size will be similar to every other person present in the park or at the supermarket. This baby security product comes in a single standard size. For this reason, the wrist cuffs can be adjusted in size with the help of the strap.

Soft fabric lining: The wrist cuff can look stiff and painful from the outside. But in reality, the entire material is very soft, along with the inner lining, which will contact your skin directly.

Since it's a soft fabric, it will not rub against the skin of your baby at times when he will move his hand a lot. So, there will be no red marks, swelling, or bruises around the wrist.

Stab resistant: Both the handcuffs have an anti stab mechanism, which will prevent the edges and another hard part from digging into your baby's flesh.

Wristlock mechanism: Along with the wrist strap, the handcuffs also have a wrist lock mechanism, which will prevent the security tool from slipping out of hand.

Baby's willful movement




  • For who: toddlers
  • Material: steel chain rope with light fabric cuffs
  • Available lenght: 1.5 - 2.5 meter long steel rope


Package includes:

  • 1 x anti-loss security wrist cuff 


Frequently asked questions

Q: Will, my daughter, have freedom in exploring the museum if she is tied to me with this cuff? 

A: You don't have to worry about your child's freedom since the length of the chain is  1.5 - 2.5 meters. You will only feel a tug if your kid is pulling you somewhere.

Q: will my chain break if my kid pull it with too much force?

A: No, the chain is made from steel wire, which won't break even if it is pulled with colossal force. 

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