Portable Breast Milk Collector

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Having sore, cracked, and scabbed nipples and the problem of milk leaking? Leaking breast milk from one breast as your baby feeds from the other?

In order to make breastfeeding more comfortable and help nipples heal, we have exclusively designed these breast milk collecting pads with non-toxic material ensuring safety for your baby!

Every drop counts for a breastfeeding mom! You may don’t know what to do if leakage occurs especially when you are on the go. This breast milk collector helps you not just to prevent the leakage but also to collect the milk every drop!

Use these throughout the day in between pump and breastfeeding sessions to build your milk stash effortlessly! You’ll be amazed at how many ounces you can collect in a day.

No more worries about getting shirts wet while breastfeeding when you have our breast milk-collector!


Key Features:

SAFE FOR BABIES: The breast milk collecting pads are made from high-quality, eco-friendly,  food-grade, non-toxic, and BPA-free material

RELIEF FROM SORE NIPS: Ideal to get a break from friction and irritation that sore nips can experience with the constant demands of breastfeeding.

AIR VENT: Avoid yeast infections with the in-built spout for air ventilation, which also helps speed the healing process.

NO MORE LEAKAGES: Meant to be worn inside your bra, these breast shells can not only protect sore nipples but also catch all the milk leaks.

EASY TRANSFER: The air vent spout is also convenient for easy transfer of breastmilk to bottles and milk storage bags.

FOR ALL CHEST TYPES: They fit any size of nursing bra discreetly and go unnoticed while you’re collecting milk for your baby

WASHABLE: It’s easier to clean and sterilize. After wearing, just wash them with clean water and sterilize it so that you can use again

PORTABLE: You can carry these shells even in your handbag and use them whenever and wherever you want.



1. Put the breast shell inside your bra
2. Place the air vents upward
3. Every 2 hours, lean forward a bit to take off the shells with upward air vents
4. Pour the collected milk via the air vent into a bottle in cold storage



Package Includes:

  • 1 x Breast Milk Collecting Pad


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Could I wear these at work between pumping sessions?

A: These shells are very discreet to wear at work or even when you are out and about. All you need to do is wear a good fitting bra.


Q: Would these work for women with larger breasts?

A: One size fits all


Q: These are reusable, right?

A: Yes they are reusable, but if you were to use them very often, or to save you time cleaning them you could have a few pairs, or order every so often.

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